The Forico plantations and natural forest areas have captured a phenomenal 39.6 million tonnes of carbon.

To give this value some context, and illustrate what this quantity of carbon can contribute to the battle against climate change, we have provided the following comparisons to show what 39.6 million tonnes of carbon really looks like:

  • CO2 emissions from 30,828,025 passenger vehicles driven for one year;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 50,645,132 tonnes of waste recycled instead of being placed in landfill.

Within the carbon markets governed by the Australian Government’s Climate Solution Fund, we are currently generating carbon credits through the Emission Reduction Fund Plantation Methodology where we are transitioning short rotation eucalypt (hardwood) plantation to a longer rotation pine (softwood) plantation.

An assessment has been completed of the carbon stored within the plantations and natural vegetation areas based on a nationally recognised carbon model known as FullCam.