This document must be completed, signed and submitted to Forico Pty Limited by all Researchers prior to accessing the property managed by Forico Pty Limited.

THIS AGREEMENT made the date specified in the Schedule hereto between the Manager of the first part and the Researcher of the second part WHEREAS the Researcher has requested access to the property specified in the said Schedule hereto for the purposes specified in the Schedule hereto and in consideration of the Researchers executing this agreement the Manager has agreed to such access on following terms:

  1. the Researcher shall not use any confidential information provided or acquired for any purpose other than that specifically requested in writing; and
  2. the Researcher shall not reveal or make known either directly or indirectly to any third party, firm or corporation any confidential Information or finding from the research without the prior consent from the Manager in written format.
  3. any data information confidential or otherwise provided to the Researcher by the Manager in the form of “Intellectual Property” shall require a data sharing confidentiality agreement to be executed in addition to this Agreement;
  4. the Research must take reasonable steps to enforce the confidentiality obligations under this Agreement;
  5. The Researcher hereby acknowledges that they have read the above conditions and agree to comply with the same as witnessed by their execution hereof.
  6. The Researcher further agrees that the provisions of this Clause shall apply to any information developed by or for the Researcher, its directors, officers, employees and sub Researchers during the course of work.


The Researcher shall not disclose any information, including for distribution through any communications media, without the Manager's approval. The Researcher shall refer to the Manager any enquiries from any media concerning the information.

The provisions of this agreement survive the completion of the work by the Researcher.

IN WITNESS whereof these presents have been duly executed the day and year specified in the schedule hereto.


Manager: Forico


WHERE AS this AGREEMENT has been executed by the Researcher on the

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In the presence of:

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