At Forico, we specialise in sustainable plantation forestry.

Forico is committed to sustainable plantation forestry demonstrated by one of the largest replanting programs in Australia and offer other forest owners a range of support and services. Forico has a strict policy of not harvesting any natural vegetation communities or converting any natural vegetation communities to plantation. Forico manages plantations similar to other mainstream agricultural crops.

Forico is focused on growing the best species for each particular site. This can be a complex decision making process in Tasmania, a land of great diversity and multiple market opportunities.

Quality is paramount. We use tailored silvicultural treatments to improve the quality of our tree crops. Planting forests is an expensive business and long term investment. However, at Forico we’re committed to building the capacity of Tasmania’s tree crops for future generations and we strive to ensure every plantation we replant is more productive than the one harvested.

Species currently deployed:

  • Eucalyptus globulus (Blue Gum)
  • Eucalyptus nitens (Shining Gum)
  • Pinus radiata (Radiata pine)

Forico’s nursery has the capacity to produce 18 million seedlings annually and grows both commercial seedlings, and native seedlings for our environmental restoration plantings.