Remote data acquisition

Solutions for the optimal use of remotely acquired, high resolution data by the forestry sector.

This is a $1.6M collaborative research project with most of Australia’s major forest growers and the NSW Department of Primary Industry in conjunction with the University of South Australia.

The project will use remote sensors on UAV, airborne and satellite platforms to provide high-fidelity data with spatial, spectral and temporal resolution. A national team of remote sensing specialists, data scientists and forest industry service providers will ensure the delivery of multiple task specifications and procedures for the operational implementation of these technologies.

Real-time harvest measurements

Advanced real-time measurements at harvest to increase value recovery.

This is a $725K collaborative research project with Australia’s major forestry companies and the University of the Sunshine Coast. The project will use innovative harvester & forwarder onboard data systems and evaluate the potential to increase value recovery through use of sensor technology that assesses tree features that impact log value. The project will also investigate image analysis and processing requirements to provide additional information to harvest machine operators.