Forico and a Sustainable Plantation-based Forest Future

Jan 05, 2015  | Media Release

22 December 2014

Forico manages 170,000 hectares of freehold land across Tasmania that includes approximately 100,000 hectares of timber plantations. Natural forest areas within the forest estate are managed for biodiversity and conservation values and are not harvested.

The recent announcement of a $9 million capital expenditure on the Surrey Hills Mill and the reinvigorating of the Forico Nursery at Somerset demonstrate Forico’s commitment to investing in the future of the business as well as the state of Tasmania. Forico is also recruiting for pivotal new roles in the business as it continues to move forward and evolve as an innovative plantation forest manager.

Value adding is an important aspect of the Forico business and encompasses economic, social, cultural and environmental principles.
As part of Forico’s approach to a sustainable forest management future, the Company is pleased to announce that in 2015 Forico intends to be audited to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Forest Management Standard.

CEO Bryan Hayes said “This process aligns with Forico’s existing certification compliance responsibilities and demonstrates to customers and the wider community that the operations carried out by the Company will conform to the highest certification standards.”

Forico has selected Soil Association Woodmark to conduct the FSC Forest Management audit.

Larissa Chambers, from the Certification Body, commented “Soil Association Woodmark are delighted that Forico are ready to progress from FSC Controlled Wood to a full commitment to the FSC’s Principles and Criteria for responsible forest management. We are pleased to have been selected as their Certification Body and look forward to carrying out the evaluation in 2015.”

Mr Hayes said “In line with this announcement Forico encourage all interested parties to visit the new Forico website where more detailed information is available about the Company. Certification documents including the Forest Management Plan are available for download and we encourage people to take time to read them and provide feedback.”

Any queries specifically relating to Forico forest certification issues can be directed to the Certification and Compliance Manager by phone (03) 63355201 or via email

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