The Forico plantation maintenance strategy focuses on optimising growth while minimising risk.

To achieve this, we classify each plantation in terms of its predicted yield and assess its performance regularly.

There are a number of factors which affect the quality and quantity of the end product.  Aside from uncontrollable factors like the weather and altitude, there are more manageable factors such as nutrition, insects, animals and fire.

Nutrition can be managed through fertiliser treatments.  Blue gum, shining gum and radiata pine plantations all have different requirements when it comes to nutrition.  We tailor fertiliser treatments to the individual needs of the forest based on its unique conditions.

Damage from defoliating insects is an issue in the warmer months.  To combat this, we employ an integrated pest management regime which is based on a combination of robust science and years of experience.  Additionally, new plantation sites are treated against weeds and browsing animals to ensure the best growing environment possible.

Fire management is a vital part of risk reduction.  We employ a team of experienced wildfire managers who understand all aspects of fire prevention and management in plantation forestry. Forico staff work closely with Tasmania Fire Service to monitor fires close to plantations and allocate resources to minimise the risk of loss.

Our personnel are supported by a range of equipment and a robust management system with a proven capacity to manage emergency response.