Forico has invested in two New Generation Wagner L90 Logstackers for its mills in northern Tasmania, the first of the new generation machines to be commissioned in Australia.

The two new ‘Wagners’ arrived at Long Reach Mill in the East Tamar and Surrey Hills Mill in Hampshire, Tasmania in May 2024. After assembly and training by the North American manufacturer Allied Systems and specialist cargo handling company Quality Marshalling of New Zealand, the machines were commissioned and put into use in the log-yards in early June.

Recognising the need to update their fleet, the Forico Board had approved the purchase in April 2022, a significant capital expenditure outlay and investment in supply chain. The machines in use until that time had been purchased in 2015 and had been in service for in excess of 26,000 hours.

“The Wagners are also considerably more fuel efficient and have lower overall maintenance costs compared to front end loader machines used over the same operating period,” said Tim Duncombe, manager at Forico’s Long Reach Mill.

The New Generation L90s were transported from America by sea and road after a lead time of around 18 months on delivery due to demand for machines and worldwide challenges on the availability of components. Making the journey from Portland USA to Melbourne, on to the port at Devonport and then on to the mill sites by road, the unique machines would have caused some ‘head scratching’ as they were driven under escort to their final destination, said Mr Duncombe.

Manager at Forico’s Surrey Hills Mill Paul Sturzaker said the operational teams had identified the need for additional handrailing to protect operators exiting the cab, but beyond that the newly designed Wagner unit would significantly improve visibility and handling.


Forico is the largest private forestry and asset manager in Tasmania, managing 89,000 hectares of plantation forest for wood fibre production, and 77,000 hectares of natural forest for conservation, biodiversity and cultural values.

The company operates with the highest levels of global certification in sustainable forest management and is recognised internationally for its work in environmental stewardship and nature-based reporting.