Forico is pleased to present the “Sustainability Snapshot 2019” for the period 2018 – 2019.

The Snapshot promotes our sustainability achievements from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Some highlights of the financial year

Forico managed 175,788 hectares of land in Tasmania, consisting of:

  • 92,620 hectares of plantation;
  • 79,722 hectares of natural forest;
  • 3,446 hectares of infrastructure.

We retained all our independent third-party sustainable forest management certifications.

We were the first Australian Forest Manager to successfully register a project in the Emissions Reduction Fund, converting short rotation pulpwood plantations to long rotation sawlog plantations.

The gross revenue of the business increased to $165 million – 80% of which was spent on goods and services in the Tasmanian economy.

Last year we harvested from our plantations:

  • 1.48 M tonnes of wood fibre used in the international pulp and paper industry;
  • 0.20 M tonnes of sawlog.

We established:

  • 6,811 hectares of new plantations at a survival rate of 89%.
  • 7.5 M tree seedlings on Forico land from the Forico Somerset Nursery.

All natural forest managed by Forico is retained for conservation and biodiversity values. For the financial year, 36 hectares of native forest was rehabilitated and 5.4 kilometres of streamside vegetation was restored to native species.

Interestingly, 2,500 kilograms of honey was sustainably harvested, and 47 kilometres of fencing was established with neighbours.

“This year, we saw the opportunity to inform stakeholders of our achievements” said Bryan Hayes, Chief Executive Officer. “We did more than just retain our sustainable forest certification credentials with both the FSC and Responsible Wood Certification Schemes. We realised the potential to expand the narrative to all our stakeholders to tell the positive story of the great work our staff and contractors are involved in each and every day.”

Media enquiries: Bryan Hayes, CEO, Forico Pty Limited - 03 6335 5201.

About Forico

Forio Pty Limited ( is Tasmania’s largest private forest management company and manage approximately 180,000 hectares of certified forest on behalf of New Forests, a Sydney based Timberland Investment Manager.

Forico Sustainability Snapshot 2018