At Forico, our forestry operations cover the whole process from seed to market. Seedlings are grown at our world-class nursery—which has the capacity to grow around 18 million plantation seedlings per year.

Forico manage plantations for optimised wood fibre and log production. This starts with our world class tree breeding program where we produce specialised genetics to deliver optimal wood fibre outcomes from our Tasmanian land assets. When our plantations are mature we engage our professional contractor workforce to harvest and haul our log products to one of our mills at Long Reach or Surrey Hills for processing or direct to port for log exports.

Forico exports wood fibre products from Burnie Chip Export Terminal, and Long Reach Mill, to global markets.

As part of the process, we are continually researching ways to improve our methods. Our Fibre Technology Laboratory conducts a wide range of tests on our wood fibre, chemical pulping, paper sheet making and paper properties to ensure the best possible end product leaves our mills.