Forico employs an experienced team of professional staff to manage the land and forest assets and to operate processing facilities to deliver wood fibre to domestic and international markets.

The team comprises people with a range of qualifications that include forest science, industrial chemistry, finance and accounting, information technology, environmental science and engineering.

Forico field staff manage a large group of independent contractors employing between 300 and 450 full time equivalents (seasonally dependent) who conduct forestry operations including road construction and maintenance, plantation establishment and maintenance, plantation harvesting and haulage, wood processing and ship loading.

Forico aims to be the forest industry employer of choice. 

Executive Management

Bryan Hayes image

Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Hayes

Darren Davis image

Chief Operating Officer

Darren Davis

Rayne van den Berg image

Chief Financial Officer

Rayne van den Berg

Andrew Jacobs image

Chief Technical Officer

Andrew Jacobs