Tasmanian Forest Estate

Forico Pty Limited manages land as agent for The Trust Company (PTAL) Limited as Trustee for the Tasmanian Forest Investment Sub Trust Forest Management Unit.


Workplace Health & Safety Act

Persons conducting business or undertakings for a workplace have a duty of care to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and members of the public.

This will include:

  1. A safe work environment
  2. Safe work systems
  3. Safe equipment
  4. Information, instruction & training
  5. Adequate supervision

Employees, contractors and visitors also have a duty of care to ensure the safety of themselves and others.


Hazards are objects, events or circumstances that pose a risk to a person’s safety.

An example of common hazards on Forico managed land include:

  • Narrow, gravel roads
  • Other traffic eg log trucks
  • Forestry operations
  • Snakes
  • Getting lost
  • Trips & slips in the bush

We all need to be alert to the existence of hazards and eliminate or reduce the risk from them as far as reasonably practical

Minimise the Risk

1. Drive Safely

Always drive to the road conditions – a safe speed is often much slower than public roads

2. Log Trucks

Common sense requires log trucks be treated with respect. Provide adequate room to pass on narrow roads and corners. Be very careful in dusty conditions

3. Forestry Operations

Pay attention to warning signs. Proceed only with site supervisor’s approval

4. Working Alone or in Remote Locations

We need you to have your own call in call out procedure.

Some General Requirements

Follow instructions of Forico employees.

  • Cooperate with contractors and other visitors.
  • Report unsafe conditions, injuries, dangerous incidents or suspected unauthorised activities.
  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted on Forico managed land.
  • No lighting of fires.
  • Wear your seat belt.

Access to Forico Managed Land

1. Seek Request for an Access Permit

2. Access Permits

The access permit will outline where you are allowed to access on Forico managed land and for what period, always carry the permit with you.

3. Gates

Access to some areas will require a Forico access key. Allocation of a keys is strictly controlled and may require a security deposit

4. Working Alone or in Remote Locations

We need you to have your own call in call out procedure.

Standards of Behaviour

Access to Forico land is a privilege not a right.

  • Ensure you have obtained the required permission
  • Do not wander outside your allocated area of work
  • Cooperate with other property users
  • Be mindful of possible hazards
  • Apply common sense - take personal action to stay safe
  • Follow instructions from Forico employees
  • Exercise extreme caution near active forestry operations
  • Drive safely and respect log trucks
  • Report unauthorised activities to Bush Watch - 131444

Follow these guidelines and you will be welcome back.

Induction Acknowledgment

I, hereby acknowledge that I have completed the General Property Access Visitor induction for Forico managed land in Tasmania.

This induction has included an explanation of the duty of care provisions of the Workplace Health & Safety Act, an introduction to the type of hazards I can expect to encounter, basic risk management procedures and the standards of behaviour expected of me when on Forico land.

I understand that if I fail to comply with any of these behavioural or procedural standards I could be asked to leave Forico managed land immediately.

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