Tasmanian Forest Estate

Forico Pty Limited (The Manager) manages land as agent for The Trust Company (Australia) Limited as Trustee for the Tasmanian Forest Operating Sub Trust and The Trust Company (PTAL) Limited as Trustee for the Tasmanian Forest Investment Sub Trust Forest Management Unit (FMU).


Health, Safety & Risk Management

Persons conducting business or undertakings for a workplace have a duty of care to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and members of the public. This includes the provision of:

  1. A safe work environment;
  2. Safe work systems;
  3. Safe equipment;
  4. Correct Personal Protective Equipment (hi-vis apparel, hard hats, gloves, safety glasses etc);
  5. Information, instruction & training (ensure employees receive induction as to the Manager's requirements when entering on the property); and
  6. Adequate supervision (do not wander outside your allocated work area).

Employees, contractors and visitors also have a duty of care to ensure the safety of themselves and others, to be mindful of possible hazards, to apply common sense and to take personal action to stay safe. The Manager will require provision of a safety assessment and procedure for all work being conducted within the estate.

Use your own remote working alone procedures to account for unknowns (first aid, injury, weather etc). The Manager will require anyone working alone or remotely to have their own call-in call-out procedure.


Hazards are objects, events or circumstances that pose a risk to a person's safety. We all need to be alert to the existence of hazards and eliminate or reduce the risk from them as far as reasonably practical.

An example of common hazards on the FMU include: /p>

  • Narrow, gravel roads;
  • Other traffic eg log trucks;
  • Forestry operations eg burning operations or game control;
  • Snakes;
  • Getting lost; and
  • Trips & slips in the bush

If the following two operations, game control or fire management is being conducted, you must not enter the site and are to avoid the immediate area surrounding. These areas will be signed and examples of these signs or similar are shown below.

Vehicle Safety

Always drive to the road conditions – a safe speed on a gravel road is often much slower than the speed limit on public roads.

Vehicles must be driven in a professional, courteous and safe manner. All vehicles on the property are to be roadworthy and drivers are to comply with Tasmanian road rules while on the property. This includes wearing a seat belt at all times when you are in a vehicle.

Only one car is permitted onto the property under a permit at any time, unless otherwise specified on this permit. Any car entering the property must be registered against the permit with the Manager prior to entering the property.

Do not let another vehicle through a gate at the same time while entering or leaving the property.

Keep all vehicles to formed roads and off firebreaks (unless otherwise authorised).


When entering a forest operation or work site within the FMU, make contact with any operations in the area via the communication methods outlined on the 'Coupe' board located at the entrance of the Coupe, to advise them of your presence. You must wait for the site supervisor's approval to proceed through their workplace.

Pay attention to warning signs and PPE requirements specific to these sites. Extreme caution must be exercised in and around active forestry operations.

Common sense requires log trucks be treated with respect. Provide adequate room to pass on narrow roads and corners and allow ample room for the trucks to pass. Be very careful in dusty conditions.

Access to some areas will require an access key. Allocation of a keys is strictly controlled. Please keep all gates on the property locked at all times. This means locking a gate behind you when you enter the FMU.


No vegetative materials or any other biological pathogens, materials or diseases are to be brought on or introduced to the FMU.

Please ensure appropriate weed and hygiene protocols are implemented to prevent the spread of weeds and diseases.

Ensure that clothes, shoes and vehicles are clean on arrival and free of soil and plant material (such as weed seeds). Any vehicles and Machinery permitted onto the FMU must adhere to Washdown Guidelines (a wash down of all machinery and equipment prior to entering the property to prevent introduction of weed infestation) Detailed guidance is available from the Tasmanian Washdown Guidelines for Weed and Disease Control published by DPIPWE an linked here.

Obey any biosecurity signage information.

As part of Forico access permits, dogs are strictly not allowed on the estate. If a seeing eye dog is required, a separate request to the Manager is to be made.


The Applicant must adhere to the current government guidelines relating to COVID-19 including correct social distancing and hygiene control.

The Manager has a strict policy of no littering. All rubbish brought onto the property is to be removed.

No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the FMU.

Fires are strictly prohibited. Immediately report any fires, unsafe conditions, injuries, dangerous incidents or suspected unauthorised activities or other illegal activity to the Manager and to the relevant authorities (Police, Emergency Services and/or and Bush Watch – 131444).

An Applicant is permitted a maximum of four nominated people ('Attached Individuals') to accompany him/her onto the property at any one time. For more than four nominated individuals, an alternate arrangement has to be made with the Manager.

Attached Individuals may not utilise a permit without the Applicant being present. The Applicant will be held responsible for any breach of these regulations by an individual attached to a permit.

Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter the Manager’s’ freehold properties unless accompanied by an adult or involved with a community or commercial event that has taken out public liability insurance.

In accordance with the Managers Reconciliation Action Plan, all organised events being held on the FMU of more than 10 participants will be required to perform either a Welcome to Country or an Acknowledgement of Country.

Do not damage, make any alterations or improvements to any structures, property, or goods on the property.

Do not do or permit anything in or upon the property or any part thereof which may be or become a nuisance, unreasonable annoyance or damage to the Manager or the owners or occupiers of any adjoining property.

Do not store in or bring upon the property, goods or things which does or may increase the insurance premium payable in respect of the property or by reason of which such insurance may be rendered void or voidable.

Do not to use the property for any purpose other than the permitted use unless such other purpose has been approved by the Manager and evidenced in writing.

No vegetation (whether dead or alive) is to be removed from the property without the Manager's prior written approval. Absolutely no firewood collection.

No fixing of any signage to plantation trees.

The Applicant and its agents, contractor's employees and invitees are to at all times follow the directions of the Manager or any of its employees, contractors or representatives whilst on the said property and cooperate with the Managers employees, contractors and other visitors.

In the event of a security breach, the Manager may choose to change the locks on gates. If this event is to occur, all holders of an active permit affected by the change will be notified and requested to return their key, a new key may be re-issued.

You must carry a copy of the permit whilst on the property at all times and must not vary from the approved activity detailed on the permit.

Please ensure all employees and invitees are aware of the Manager's access requirements.

The Manager may restrict access to areas at any time without notice due to operational reasons.

Failure to comply with any of the above conditions may result in the confiscation of keys, forfeit of access rights, forfeit of the key deposit and may result in the Applicant being banned from future access permits.

Induction Acknowledgment

I, hereby acknowledge that I have completed the General Property Access Visitor induction for Forico managed land in Tasmania.

This induction has included an explanation of the duty of care provisions of the Workplace Health & Safety Act, an introduction to the type of hazards I can expect to encounter, basic risk management procedures and the standards of behaviour expected of me when on Forico land.

I understand that if I fail to comply with any of these behavioural or procedural standards I could be asked to leave Forico managed land immediately.

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