Originally commissioned in 1995, the Surrey Hills Mill is located 31 kilometres south-west of Burnie.

The Surrey Hills Mill sits on land which is part of the Surrey Hills Estate managed by Forico.

The mill is currently licensed to process up to 1.6M green metric tonnes per annum for export.  

The Chain of Custody is an essential component of Forico’s certification systems.  Each delivery is assigned a docket which associates the load with a specific harvesting contractor.  

The process at the Surrey Hills Mill:

  • Log trucks are received, weighed and reviewed against strict quality assurance requirements.
  • A delivery docket is generated allowing each load to be tracked right through the process.
  • Forest products are then unloaded by wheeled loaders into a conventional log yard and segregated according to species and log type.
  • Logs are batch processed through a chipper and screened through chip screens which remove excessive fines and oversize material depending on the customer’s requirements.
  • Processed chips are then stockpiled to await transport via containerised truck to Burnie Port for export.